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Hello! I'm Kaho.

I have been teaching Japanese online for over five years. Through these 5 years,

I taught over 3000 lessons to over 500 students worldwide.

I received a Master’s degree in language acquisition from the University of Barcelona.  


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"Excellent lesson! We went through the episode one script of an anime together. I had requested to try and translate things on my own and have Kaho-san check what I was writing, and honestly I think I bit off a little more than I could chew for my current level. Despite that, Kaho-san was extremely patient with my stumbling around and explained the points or exact meanings of the words/grammar/etc I needed. Especially this was useful for the onomatopoeia, since those aren't covered well in most resources but still is used very frequently in Japanese. I definitely want to do another Learn Japanese with Anime lesson with Kaho-san again once I know more!"


"Kaho is a wonderful teacher! I’ve already had a couple of lessons with her. She speaks clearly and slowly and introduces new words for me to learn. When I make mistakes she clarifies it and gives me the space to repeat myself! I feel myself improving under her tutelage and would definitely recommend having lessons with her!"


“Kaho is a great instructor. She knows I want to learn more vocabulary that I would use in my daily life and she does an amazing job explaining grammar points using Genki I. Can't recommend her enough as a Japanese teacher.”

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